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Need some help setting utorrent settings


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srry if I'm not in the right forum. I already portforwarded my utorrent to my router. I just want to know whats the best settings that I should use If my connection is 14.8Mbps whicj means my download speed is somewhere around 1.8mB/s and my Upload connection is 360Kbps whicj means my Upload speed is 45kB/s. I already set my golbal maximum upload and download rate, but what should I set my global maximum number of connections, maximum number of connected peers per torrent, and number of upload slots per torrent to? I want some advice. Thanks alot in advance.

I tried going to this site http://ut-settings.go.pl/ but the link doesn't work anymore. Can anyone please help me

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The settings on that website were almost guarenteed to crash your box, so that's why it's probably down now.

Have you tried Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in µTorrent?

It can give you a reasonable feel for what should work for your connection.

The xx/384k upload speed setting is the closest one to your 360kbps upload bandwidth.

Do note that you need to reserve some upload bandwidth for overheads and non-µTorrent traffic, or you will probably experience intermittent problems.

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