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problem upload


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i have these settings xx//128 and untouched advanced settings only net low cpu=true peer alzy bitfield=false net max halfopen=20(patced tcp/ip)(before these settings i have erase settings.old.dat and reconfigure) and with new version of utorrrent 1.6.1 i observe that my upload status is very low p.x now i download a torrent wit 22 seeds 35 peers and my upload is around 6 kB/s the availability of these torrent is 17.223my download speed is ok with my connection i have agreen triangle can any one tell me if these upload status is a problem and how can i fix it?how can i give more upload?or these isnt a problem?

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With your connection, you should be able to use xx/256k or at least xx/192k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

You can also enable alternate upload speed while not downloading...and maybe set that as high as 28 KB/sec, assuming there's nothing wrong with your connection.

Have you tried Encryption Enabled or Forced?

You probably need to disable DHT, as that's likely to only eat some of your precious upload bandwidth if you're on private trackers.

net max halfopen is probably best reduced back down to the default of 8...or even as low as 4. Slower connections (those with <10 megabits/sec download+upload speed) gain little to nothing from it, and can actually be slowed down slightly because they're spending so much bandwidth making/breaking new connections instead of on uploading/downloading.

Are you firewalled in µTorrent? (yellow or red light at bottom)

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i have these settings sorry for not mention them earlier and ofcourse before these settings i have erase settigs.dat.old and reoconfigured


Encryption Enabled

disable DHT

green light always not a probleme with that

outgoing connections protocoll enabled

alternate upload speed while not downloading=0

net low cpu =true

peer lazy bitfield-false

but when i am lowering net max halfopen to 8 or 4 my dowwnload speed reduse to 15-20kB/s

which it is not happen with 18-24 net max halfopen that why i am using these number(18-24)

i dont know what else must i do any ideas

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Alternate upload speed while not downloading, if enabled, NEEDS to be set to a reasonable value.

So why does the higher half open connection rate seem to help?

Does µTorrent connect to more seeds+peers that way? (If so, it's likely because you're losing connections VERY rapidly...which suggests all kinds of problems outside µTorrent's control.)

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High half open connection rate just controls how quickly µTorrent's trying NEW connections. After about a minute or 2 on smaller torrents, µTorrent should have tried ALL the ips for that torrent even at a half open rate of 8. (...or 4 if that's the only torrent you're running.)

It costs bandwidth to do that and if anything should cost some download and upload speed to do. I've personally seen when I've set it too high in testing (I think I had it at 20) that it started knocking off existing connections and made speeds take a complete nosedive.

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