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just seeding with µtorrent?


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just a small problem...

I do have a leased line and only want to seed some files i downloaded via FTP before (both, the File itself and the .torrent) In Azareus i can use "File - Open - Torrent (seeding a completed File)" and everything is fine... except i don't want to use Azareus on my Server *g*

does µtortent support this feature, too? ...haven't found it till yet.

except of the problem above it is a very nice client - i alreade deinstalled azareus on my Computer @ home *g*

thx for any advice


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Yeah, its not that obvious the first time you do it. Some other BT clients are done the same way as µTorrent for seeding already downloaded files and thats the only reason I know. Well that and using BT to fix corrupt downloads. :)

No problem at all, happy to help. :)

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