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? Out of Order Pieces (Per-Torrent Allocation)


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I'm still having a problem that I've had on and off for several versions now. While µTorrent is working on a torrent, it seems to allocate space as it needs which results in all the files being munged together until the end. I'll try to explain it by giving an example.

Lets say that I'm downloading a torrent with a few files in it. Some are big, lets say one huge one to be sure, and a few small text files or something. I'm hoping that while the huge one is grinding away for a few days, that I can at least view the tiny text files right away since they almost immediately get to 100% complete.

The problem is that it doesn't work. While µTorrent reports that the small files are complete and forcing a recheck gives the same answer, actually viewing the file shows that it's full of gibberish (binary data from other files). It seems that the contents of the small files are probably crammed in somewhere in the huge file.

If I delete the torrent and add it back, then a recheck says that it's 0% complete (because all the pieces of all the files are out of order). This means that I can't even use a different client or torrent to complete the big file since to avoid losing everything, I have to keep the µTorrent resume data.

Any idea on how to force µTorrent to rearrange the pieces? Even better, is there a way to force µTorrent to allocate space per-file instead of per-torrent?


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No but I had "use partfile" off.

If the torrent manages to finish, µTorrent seems to be rearrange the pieces so that everything is fine. Sometimes however, until it's completely done, the files are useless. I have not noticed a pattern of when it happens yet.

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