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all UL/DL's suddenly stop when computer is idle


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I got a strange problem. After a period of time all my UL/DL's suddenly fall down from 300 kb/s to 0, and wont start untill I manually update the tracker for each torrent. The strange thing is that it only happens when I'm not using my computer.

Here's my speed graph of today:


I lowered my UL/DL speed 2 times because I started an online game, but you can see my UL/DL suddenly stop 4 times. When that happens the tracker status is "hostname not found"

As you can see I got DHT enabled, and the connection is fine.

Speed: 2700/400 (tested)

ISP: direct-adsl.nl (Netherland)

UPNP disabled since it gave and error in the log.

max number of connections: 230

connection peers/torrent: 80

max active torrent 4 (but 3 at the moment)

Im using Zone Alarm firewall, on XP SP2

I tried a few guides/tweaks on this site/forum, set max.half.open on 75 and patched that sys-file with the lvlord thingy to 100 (i think)

Thanks for your help,


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Zone Alarm probably cannot sustain the high half open connection rate even though windows and µTorrent has no problem.

You will not see a significant loss in speed reducing µTorrent's half open connection rate to only 8-20 from 75...if anything, you might see a slight increase at least on the upload side. It should be significantly less likely to drop your UL/DL speeds to 0 too.

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the half open connection rate wasnt the problem. It looked like zone alarm was still blocking stuff. When my computer goes idle, zone alarm automaticly starts blocking all internet traffic.

Here's how to solve it:

-Open zone alarm

-Program control

-Tab programs

- Right click on utorrent.exe > options

-Enable pass-lock

More info about pass-lock is in zone alam's help.

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