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Not able to access webui remotely


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I followed all the instructions and did go through the forums but I have an issue little different, that is.. I followed all the steps to enable webui and when i tried to access it from my local computer that is and i am able to view my utorrent but when I try to access from my office using the same option its not letting me it says "tcp error" I am not using random ports so i dint check the alternative listening port. Now at work my computer is under firewall ( strong security) could that be the reason why i am not able access? because my firewall settings are fine ( wired connection : no router) I am using mcafee internet security and I have open the port for utorrents. Is there any software that has to be installed in my office computer in order to access webui? I use firefox 2.0 in my office computer. Am i doing anything wrong ? Please do help me out.

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