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Suspend all internet activity Button


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It basically is a button that should be added to the upper toolbar of uTorrent that when pressed, will allow you to temporarily suspend all UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD activity for X amount of minutes or hours.

This is a good feature because most of the time, I'll need to do something that is fairly bandwidth intensive and the quickest, lamest way to get bandwidth is to EXIT uTorrent completely.

An alternative method would be to press the SUSPEND icon (which could be a picture of a hand or something) and (depending on your preference) it will either prompt you to choose an amount of time to suspend all activity, or it will do it based on your defined settings in the preferences.

In 20 or 40 minutes, it will automatically resume and continue downloading where you left off. I have a terrible memory and frequently come back to my computer hours later only to discover that I exited uTorrent and nothing downloaded! :(

Plus, this feature would make uTorrent more appealing. :)

P.S. It would be even better if the SUSPEND button transformed into a RESUME button to let you know it has been initiated.

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