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uTorrent 1.6 killed my internet connection


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hi i tried to run utorrent in a vista environment last night. it worked for about a minute and than it stopped working shortly after. but when utorrent stopped working, it also disconnected my internet somehow. now my computer keeps telling me that my network cable is unplugged. i naturally replugged things in, reset my connection, reinstalled my drivers for my NIC, changed some utorrent settings around and still nothing. im completely disconnected and my computer cannot see any sort of network that im clearly connected to. the lights on the router im using arent even lighting up anymore where my connection would normally show up so im almost positive that my nic was disabled or a setting was changed that killed it. any suggestions. im despirate and i dont know what to do since no one has had this problem it appears. i could do a system restore but it doesnt look like there is a restore point for the time that i installed utorrent. please throw me some advice if you have any insight on what i can do to get my internet working. if anything, id like to know what registry values are changed by utorrent or what network settings it modifies when executed so i can reverse them.

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