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how are my settings, please help


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I have a

8 MB/s download

1.5 MB/s Upload

yea, im not wrong its the new fiberoptic internet, i just need to know if my setting are right

global max upload 500kB

global max down 1500kB

global max # connections 1200

per torrent 370

max upload slots 108

i usually get an average of 700kB/s download speed on a torrent but occasionally it hits 1MB. Can I make these settings any better.

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I don't follow what you're saying.

Is the error message something about netgear?

Is the dg834g filename referred to in a bluescreen?

Do you need help with netgear software?

hint: punctuation helps separate different sentences and ideas

...lastly, this is the "how are my settings, please help" message thread, and it doesn't seem you posted any settings...so I don't know if they're right, wrong, or Mircosoft!

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