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Trouble configuring 2 routers.


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Hi all.

First post, never had to ask for help configuring uTorrent before despite several problems but this one has me stumped. I would consider myself at 'Novice' level so go easy on my please.

Let me first explain my setup when things were working fine...

Im based in Ontario, Canada and my SP is Cogeco Cable.

So, first stop is my cable modem, that connects directly into a Linksys BEFSR41 v2 Router (IP This router has DHCP enabled supporting 2 clients (My computer and my brothers.) and has Port Forwarding enabled on my IP only, for uTorrent.

Thats setup has been working fine for 6 months. Lots of downloading, online gaming etc.

Recently I signed up with Vonage which as you may know is a VoIP Telephone company that uses an existing Internet Connection for telephone calls, so for this to work they sent me a Motorola VT2442 router.

Now the Linksys connects directly to the Motorola Router which in turn connects to my computer. The Motorola Router (IP also has DHCP enabled and has given me the IP

You can see a diagram which has my setup here... http://www.vonage.com/help.php?article=88&category=103&nav=4

P.S. In the diagram the blue 'Digital Phone Adapter' is the Motorola router.

Now I can use the internet fine but uTorrent Port Checker says port 44169 does not appear to be open.

So the Motorola does not appear to have Port Forwarding setup correctly. I have tried to configure it without success.

Here are the settings I have used to configure Port Forwarding on the Motorola

(I hope they are correct).

Application: uTorrent

Protocol: TCP and UDP

Source IP: (the IP of the Linksys Router)

Source NetMask: (the Subnet Mask of the Linksys)

Destination IP Address: (my IP address)

Destination Netmask: (My SubNet Mask address is although the router won't let me input anything other than which I don't understand)

Destination Port Start: 44169 (Port UTorrent uses)

Destination Port End: 44169 (Port UTorrent uses)

Destination Port Map: 44169 (Port UTorrent uses)

I think the problem may be DHCP. Do I need to disable DHCP on the Linksys giving my brothers computer and the Motorola static IP addresses and then leave DHCP enabled on the Motorola router? Or is there another problem you can see?

If i have left anything out or if there is any more information you need on the settings for both Routers then let me know.

Id appreciate any feedback.


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For IP's and DHCP-settings you can follow this guide: http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/n101496.asp (it's for netgear, but makes no difference for the system).

First Router: DHCP on

2nd Router: DHCP off, fix IP-Adress

PC's: use fix IP-Adress (port forwarding)

Your port has to be forwarded on the first router.

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