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I have been using utorrent for about months now without any issues until yesterday.

I have set a static IP address and forwarded my ports as per portforward.com - correctly I think.

However, using the test in utorrent, it says the ports are not forwarded correctly.

I have a question about the ip address that is displayed on the utorrent test screen - this is not the ip address I have set as the static.

e.g. my static ip address is

whilst the ip address on the utorrent test page is displayed as

I am with BT in the UK, and using the vooyager 205 router.

Can anyone help me with this?

Also, I have the UPNP enabled, and this does not give any errors in the utorrent logs, so can I assume the router handles PNP?

I have also gone through ultima's guide but nothing seems to get rid of the yellow icon.

I have speeds up to 150kbs, but have gotten far more before when the port forward test came back green.

Can anyone tell me what may have changed, or how I can get rid of the yellow icon?



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