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Recent slow download speed


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i used to be able to hit maximum speed(more than 100 kBps) but for the past 1-2 weeks i only managed to get less than 10 kBps. i have tried uninstalling and deleting the folder %AppData%\uTorrent and reinstall utorrent. i have also rebooted my router and changed the port and everything. i can get the green tick and the upload speed is fine it's just the download speed which is slow.

i have tested downloading the test torrent provided and the download speed is still low. i have also tried switching back to 1.6.0 but the problem still remains.

Anyone can tell me what else can i do to fix this problem besides reinstalling windows?


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Who's your ISP?

(do a GOOGLE search or 2 to see if others are experiencing recent problems with that ISP...they may have just started throttling BitTorrent!)

What speed is your connection both up and down?

What settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

(Usually, when these don't match...download speeds suffer a little to a LOT! Some torrents won't be affected as much because they have lots of seeds or nearly-finished peers.)

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