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Starting uTorrent slows ALL network speeds


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I've been running uTorrent for the past couple of weeks and have grown pretty fond of it. Around three or four days back; however, I suddenly started to experience issues.


Cable Internet Access (Earthlink).

Speed setting 1Mps (originally 2Mps, but I keep switching it)

Disabled uPNP and Dynamic Port

Linksys WRT54GS w/sveasoft firmware (uTorrnet port is forwarded)

ZoneLabs ZASS v.7.0.302 allowing full server/client access to uTorrent.

Everything worked great at first and I was seeing consistent 200+ DL and 100+ UL type of speeds. Then, all of a sudden I wasn't getting faster than around ~20 up and ~20 down. I also noticed browsing the web seemed extremely slow and sluggish.

After some experimenting, here is what I've found:

Rebooting the router does not help. If it was a memory issue, one would suspect that this would be at least a temporary fix...it's not.

Starting uTorrent slows my system wide speed.

For example: Start a 1G download from Fileplant gets around ~500k consistent. Start uTorrent and the speed from Fileplanet drops to 40-80k, even though uTorrent itself is only DL around ~20k. Shutting down uTorrent and the DL from Fileplanet returns to ~500k.

Deleted the %appdata&/uTorrent/settings.dat & settings.dat.old config files and resetup uTorrent. No help.

So, somehow my connection is being saturated even though I'm not moving any/much actual data.

Any suggestions on what might have caused this and what I can do about it.

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