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Newbie Tracker question


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µt circles thru the trackers. so just look a bit at the line you see the others updating.

and I guess it says "unregistered torrent" not tracker?!

that it is not registered (anymore) with one of the trackers could probably mean it was/is a fake torrent and the tracker admin removed that allegedly fake already.

what are the tracker URLs?

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OK, the error message probably comes from the demonoid tracker then.

Are you connected with any seeds that have the file 100% at the moment?

If not, what is the availability of the content? (in the general tab. is it below 1.000?)

Maybe a fake torrent then.


P.S. even we Krauts say england to england.

and the "cheese eaters" in the netherlands say noord and oost with double o.

Germans are short and straight to the point. we don't need these fluffy filling o's :D

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