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[DON'T USE] Checklist and proper format for asking for help here!


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Use this sticky instead now.

O.K, it seems to me that a lot of people don't know how to ask a simple question correctly. :/ I'm referring specifically to problems with (supposedly) µTorrent not downloading at "full speed", when in fact, 99.9% of times the problem is between the chair and keyboard rather than with µTorrent. Saying things like "µTorrent is slow, it's t3h $uXX0rz!!!1!1!1!" or "This thing doesn't work, I'm uninstalling it" will get you nowhere on this forum. :mad:

Now, when you're ready to ask your question decently, you need to state at least these things if you want helpful answers:

● Tell us if you get a "Network OK" or a "NAT Error" message. If it's the former, you may need to tweak µTorrent's settings, if it's the latter, the problem is with your PC/router/network;


● Your network type (Cable, DSL, Dial-Up etc.) and maximum network bandwidth (total download/upload speeds). If you don't know this, there are places that you can go to that will give you a rough approximation;

● The O.S. you're using, and if possible, the firmware version of your network device;

● What type of firewall (hardware/software) you have, if any, and if it's a software firewall, which one (BlackIce, McAfee, Norton, Sygate, ZoneAlarm etc.);

● Verify that you've portforwarded correctly. I cannot stress how important this is. Many, many headaches can be avoided simply by forwarding the right port (thanks r00ted ;));

● Let us know if your ISP is known to do malicious traffic shaping (that is, blocking/slowing down BitTorrent and general P2P traffic).

Failure to clarify these simple points will result in everyone ignoring your question(s). There's just too many variables involved for anyone to make a good recommendation.

Also, keep in mind that torrents are very dynamic in nature, meaning it's natural that you'll see some ups and downs - variations in download/upload speeds - from time to time. This has nothing to do with µTorrent specifically, but with the way that BitTorrent works.

Finally, this is something that needs to be said over and over, so I'll say it again:

As long as you don't see a "Network OK" in µTorrent, your download/upload speeds will suffer.

There's no way around this, so no matter what, you need to keep tweaking your PC/router/network settings until the "NAT Error" message in the status bar goes away. :)

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