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Vista + Utorrent = slow


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2 weeks ago i installed vista, up untill this point i have had nice fast downloads on a 512/128k link

utorrent was always downloading 40-50k a sec

now ever since i moved from xpmce to vista all i can get is 15-21k

I went over the following sticky and tryed all sugestions


at once stage if i manualy put my download limit at 50k and my upload limit at 90k it would sometimes get itself to 40k but then drop back to 20 k

the status light is green

Checking port 58000 on 124.xxx.xxx.xxx..

OK! Port 58000 is open and accepting connections.

Current speed guide settins: - I have played with these setting extensively

connection type xx/128

upload limit - 9kb

connections per torrent 55

max active torrents 1

upload slots 3

connections global 80

max downloads 1

Encryption is enabled

Windows firewall is off, have tryed with it on, and i have setup the utorrent port to pass though it

anti virus is avg free

routor is a billion 7300G firmware 1.29

Isp being used is WildIT

connection is adsl 512/128


edit: if i download a file or something from the web im getting 50k/sec download speeds

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If you set your upload too high, it overloads your download too...and download speeds tumble even though upload speeds remain about the same.

With 128 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth max, the fastest you could even theoretically upload is 16 KiloBYTES/sec. But due to TCP protocol overheads, BitTorrent protocol overheads, and having lots of connections at once...you'll be lucky to sustain 10 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed in µTorrent.

Vista's max half open rate is only 5, unlike Win XP SP2's default max of 10. So you must reduce µTorrent's rate from the default of 8 to only 2-4, or bad things will happen!

Supposedly, the same patch program to up Win XP SP2's max half open rate can change Vista's...but I think it only works on certain builds.

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Supposedly, the same patch program to up Win XP SP2's max half open rate can change Vista's...but I think it only works on certain builds.

you mean the reg hack?

also when i made the settings you recommended (speed and change half open) my speed didn't alter

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net.max_halfopen set to 80 *SHOULD* cause all kinds of problems, at least on Vista or an unpatched Win XP SP2!

That value is really not meant to be set above 20 except in EXTREME cases such as 100+ megabits/sec connections.

If doing that is necessary to get "good" results, then you have something else (severely?) wrong on either your networking or settings.

My guess is your ISP may be interfering by dropping BitTorrent connections rapidly, so you're trying to overcome this by making LOTS more connections all at once.

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EventID 4226 Patcher does not work on Windows Vista even after giving it full access:

- Windows mode

- Recognised Windows-directory: C:\Windows

- UNKNOWN TCPIP.SYS detected ...

It is recommend to STOP right now!

- Build of TCPIP.SYS : 6.0.6000.16386 (I386)

- Build of safety copy: 5.1.2600.2892 (I386)

(will be overwritten due to changed version)

Error detecting position to patch!

Either file format changed or no limit exists.

Please check for a new version on ...

Patch aborted ...

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hmmm, i agree i helps, but its not a full sloution as my modem changes the ip address each time i switch it off, thus i have to re-type my ip address on utorrent quite often.

But since i update to utorrent ver 1.7, everthing seems to be fine. Can anyone pls help check if version 1.7 is the correct solution? Or am i just lucky....


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I have an unresolved issues with uTorrent while running on Vista.

The stability of the OS is deteriorating continuously, up to a point where I need to restart.

In addition, I am not able to close uTorrent once it was initiated...

(Nevertheless - the speed is excellent)

This is typical to all my installations of Vista, and I have two such installations (on two separate disks) and used to have others in the past.

I notice this problem exists on Vista 32B with SP1 as well as Vista without SP1.

I use ZA as firewall, and have noticed some comments in forums blaming ZA for interfering with uTorrent. But if this is the case, then ZA 7 and ZA 8 are countering uTorrent the same way.

Note this problem does not occur on other torrent clients like Azureus.

But I like uTorrent better.

Could anyone give me advice on the solution to this problem?

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My speed has dropped in the past week.

Before that everything was fine, installed by itself, I even put up the peer numbers to tens of thousands and got some good speed increases - everything worked fine.

Even after two clean Vista HP reloads and default settings it's pitiful. IE7 is also slow when UTorrent is on. Popular 'weekly' Torrents that usually download quickly take hours.

Quite odd.

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Do yourself a BIG favor...enable Microsoft Window's software firewall. (or get Comodo firewall)

And uninstall Zone Alarm forever.

Just because Zone Alarm isn't a complete show-stopper on Azureus doesn't make it a good program!

It's so bad Azureus made a special wiki page for it:


"Usual symptoms of this issue include but are not limited to 100% CPU usage, slow transfer speeds, corrupted files, trouble establishing incoming and outgoing transfers, complete network outages, complete system freezes, random reboots, and blue screens of death. Disabling Zone Alarm's firewall protection will not solve the problem as its filter will still be running in the background. A complete uninstallation is required. This issue is not limited to Azureus, and has been confirmed by users of many other filesharing client"

(bold and underline added for emphasis)

Ok, so the page is a little out of date...but given ZA's history, why tempt fate with a program that has let a LOT of people down when they really needed security and stability?

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