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How to ban ip...


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when im looking at my utorrent clients ,nearly same ip but from the same source

im just wondering why does not this suckers not downloading or uploading more than 16 kb and then stop ?????

how can i bann this nice tiny sweet suckers.. manually. ?

pleace give me some sort of an answer.

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They're probably on one of the really lousy ISPs that drop BitTorrent connections almost the moment they start.

I won't say it's right or wrong to ban them, but is it really hurting anything to leave them?

To ban an ip, add it to the ipfilter.dat file.

If you don't have an ipfilter.dat file...make one in notepad or wordpad and make sure you save it as unformatted/DOS text.

The FAQ tells where to put it...and you'll also need to enable the filter in µTorrent's advanced settings.

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