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statistic - will be added?


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Yes, I'd love to have more statistics in utorrrent.. examples like:

* Average download/upload speed.

* Maximum upload/download speed.

* Time taken to download the torrent resp. seed to 1:1 ratio

* Total amount data reported to tracker (all uploads and downloads), and calculation of that ratio.

* Global total Bytes downloaded/uploaded (since the program was first launched) + ratio of that.

* Global Average download/upload speed since program was started.

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I'm guessing the usual statistics: Average Download-/Uploadspeed; Max Download-/Uploadspeed; Overall Downloaded/Uploaded etc etc.

But you don't need to start a new thread about it. You would do better bumping up the other topic since you would renew the whole discussion then. (This is not always appreachiated either, but it's better than re-requesting at least).

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well i woudl have to agree that some sort of stats would be very helpful.

i suggest adding a small tab next to the Logger tab and it just shows basic stats.

these could include:

Current up and down BW

Total Alltime Up and Down (very helpful as currently the stats down the bottom are restarted every boot up)

Showing Disk Cache

and possibly some other option.

BC has a few of these stats and they are really handy.


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Please include a simple XML or CSV logfile containing the general informations about a torrent (up down speed, size, current %, etc)

that's very usefull for applications/webapplications to display the current download process of uTorrent, and it's not a big feature to code
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