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Simple tcpip.sys Question


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I have the following dwords added into my registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Is that the same as patching tcpip.sys? Also, what if I never had any of these dwords in my registry and I didn't patch my tcpip.sys, how would if affect me? Last question, if that's set to 90, and I have net.max_halfopen set to 75, how am I connected to 90(267) seeds and 10(51) peers?

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I run a default tcpip.sys without any problem on a 2.2M/600k connection.

The MaxConnectionsPerServer setting relates web browsing and is normally set at 2. A slightly higher setting (say 4) is helpful for loading pages with lots of "eye candy". Unless I fell asleep during one of my classes, a settting of 90 is extreme overkill and a lot of web servers are config'ed to only allow two connections anyway.

You're connected to 90 seeds and 10 peers because those connections aren't "halfopen", they're connected.

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I thought 90+10=100 and I have my settings set to 90, so I thought, what's going on? Anyway, what exactly is a "halfopen" connection? Sorry for not Googling lol.



On that site it says (it's talking about the 4226 warning in Event Viewer:)

If there are a lot of daily occurences it's likely that the max amount of half-open tcp connections was set back to 10. Or you're infected with some nasty spyware…

If I patched my patched tcpip.sys, then it got changed back to 10, why would I supposedly be getting that error? Why would Windows tell me I'm going over my limit? Is it because my net.max_halfopen is set to 75 thus it tries to go over the limit but it doesn't let me, resulting in the warning? Sorry if that's a little hard to understand, I didn't know how to best phrase my question lol.

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