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D/L problem


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Now i know this question will have been asked thousands of times before. But here's my layout:


uTorrent 1.6.1

D-Link Wireless G USB Adapter 54gl

D-Link DI-624 Router

Linksys AG041 Modem

Norton Internet Security

Now i have two computers. The layout above is the computer i bought yesterday. uTorrent is running REALLY slow on it. I opened up the Preferences tab on my old pc to try and use the same settings on my new computer, but now both of them seem to be running from 0.4kb/s - 7kb/s (This is when only one utorrent is open at a time). Whereas it used to; on my old computer, run at 30/kbs Minimum on a decent torrent. Now at first i thought that it was the actual torrent itself, but i've tried over 10 different torrents all with the same effect.

I looked at some sticky posts, about the DHT green light thing, and irealised i don't have that in my status bar. It just says DHT: 236 nodes. But no light. no circle at all. And on my old pc, it has a yellow light. Please help, as it would be a shame to delete uTorrent

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