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Multiple Instances of uTorrent


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I noticed in the past people have posted a bug where opening a .torrent file opens another instance of uTorrent.

I'm not sure if THAT in particular is fixed, however I've found a different bug relating to multiple instances.


Install uTorrent on Windows Server 2003.

uTorrent runs in the "myUser" account we'll say.

Since this is a terminal server, if another user logs in and opens uTorrent, it opens another copy!!! Yikes.

There should be an option somewhere to PREVENT uTorrent from opening more than once.

(I'm using the 'auto-download' .torrent files in 'x-directory')

...so if there's two instances open, the first one gets buggered, and the second one takes over and there's inconsistencies...

Let me know if you need additional information.

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Hmm... So if I understand things properly, you have several different users running µTorrent? Is it set to work in self-contained mode (dat in same folder as exe)? Because if it isn't, there shouldn't be any sharing of data or settings or anything. If it is, then I guess you could consider it a bug.

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