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uTorrent not downloading when DHCP on...


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Hi guys,

I have installed uTorrent on my laptop.

IT runs great at work, using a DSL connection and downloads perfectly.

When I'm at work, I also use the laptop.

However, it is connected via network, as I switch DHCP on and dial no connection.

Thus - uTorrent doesn't download at all when I'm at work.

What configurations should I change in order for it to download there?

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Your workplace probably blocks BitTorrent traffic...or any unrecognized traffic for that matter!

It probably blocks almost everything on nonstandard ports, so µTorrent might have to use port 80, 8080, or some other port you know that works.

You may need to use forced encryption and disable legacy connections.

Definitely disable DHT, the UDP packets it uses are extremely unlikely to be routed correctly in a large workplace LAN environment.

Use conservative settings -- this isn't your connection you're using! So in Speed Guide (CTRL+G), don't use anything higher than xx/512k unless you KNOW you have permission! Even with that, reduce the global and per torrent max connections...to like 100 global and 50 per torrent. (You could put per torrent to 100 if you only run 1 torrent at a time.)

...this assumes you're allowed to run a BitTorrent client at work in the first place!

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