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When i click download a box (encounterd problem) wont work


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I dont understand, for months it worked fine, now when i try to download i get a box that says we encountered a problem and wont let me download anything? Ilike mininova alot, all i did was register to isohunt to try it out now nothing anywere will let me download, i also noticed the ads also say internet explorer cannot display etc. over the ads? did i do somthing wrong is there a block ? i tried to check profile but the initial profile signup i cant find it i was thinking maybe i did something about age? i know it aked me if i was over 18 or something maybe i picked it wrong but even so why now it wont let me download in mininova?? pleaase help me it would be great if you could me and my family enjoy everthing we get from this id like to continue enjoying your great site. Ps. no longer will i try to expand my sites, if it works next time Dont touch it right!? mike and family

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