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Incoming traffic on wrong port caught by personal firewall


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First, let me say....my utorrent works flawlessly, very fast, no problems. The only reason I bring this up here is because it started after I began using utorren and seems to be related.

Some posts here touch on traffic coming in after closing utorrent and explain exactly what is causing it. My problem differs slightly.

I have an SMC7004VBR wired router with only the utorrent port forwared.

I also have ZoneAlarm Pro installed on my PC which is reporting incoming traffic as such (just shortly after running utorrent):

-multiple IPs incoming on a port not setup for use with utorrent

-the port will change after a dozen or so attempts

-some IPs occasionally attempt connections on different ports


1- Is this normal, and if so, how can i capture those lost comms? Near as I can tell, incoming should ONLY be on the designated port.

2- The instructions mention only TCP/IP for port forwarding, but I usually get some hits on that UDP port. Should it also be forwarded?

Much appreciated.

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Here's an example in case my post was not completely clear...these are not ports set to receive traffic from utorrent, and came in a few seconds apart:,192.168.2.x:1620,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:1620,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:4665,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:1620,UDP,192.168.2.x:4665,UDP,192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S),192.168.2.x:1620,TCP (flags:S)

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Thanks for your answer on UDP port forwarding.

However, I find it deeply troubling that outside addresses are trying to access my internal PC address, bypassing my router (or so it seems.) Can you point me in the right direction? Why would this have started with my use of utorrent? Thx.

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If you've EVER used those ports in the past, traffic can continue incoming for days/weeks on end. There are some REALLY STUPID BitTorrent clients out there that don't know when to quit!

(...and no, I don't think it's BitComet.)

It's quite likely that whatever is doing that is NOT µTorrent and is NOT following BitTorrent protocol specifications. So it is really beyond anything you, we, or µTorrent designers do to correct it. It can only be blocked by your firewall/router...and best ignored. :)

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