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Confused.. Seeders..Help!


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Ok, i've recently just discoverd something...

Im downloading stuff with say... around 3000 seeders... But. it says 1(3475)... now im presuming, that the 1 means how many ppl are online and the (3475) is the overall seeders for that torrent.. is that correct??

My problem is... Why am i only getting 1-2 seeders @ speeds under 10kb/s ? Its taken me over a month to download 1 700mb file.. this is ridiculous.. And its always been like that, 1-2 seeders for a file with 1000+ seeders.. Is there something i need to do??

Is it something to do with my allowed Upload speeds??

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I don't know about it being a fake torrent, The low seeders have happened for every download i have got. My sister downloaded the same torrent file and got around 200(3475) seeders. We are both on the exact same ISP provider, using the exact same brand broadband router.. but different locations.

How do you tell a fake torrent??

I check the comments etc, everything seems legit to me, and I've never had a problem with something once it decides to finish downloading months later.

Its driving me nuts!!

The Availability is 2.396 the share ratio is 0.753... this is a highly popular download at the moment, i don't understand why I'm getting nothing.

Just one other question.. If i increase my upload speed to say, Unlimited, (I'm not sure how it works exactly) But would i then get more seeders, because I'm showing myself as "unlimited upload speeds" etc.. then more seeders will show up for me?? if that makes sense.

Or give me an example of a situation you have, seeders, share ratio, availability, upload/download allowances.. etc

I just want to try and understand what I'm doing wrong

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