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Remaining pieces


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Something that needs to be considered....

1. Pieces can be a part of one or more files, therefore the sum on pieces at a file detail level may be more the total of pieces for a torrent.

2. Do we consider partially downloaded pieces as completed pieces or remaining pieces?

3. Doesn't the graphical display in the Files tab give sufficient information concerning completed (blue), partially download (green), and remaining (white)?

It would be nice to have in the General tab with something like this:

Remaing pieces: XXX (YYY)

where XXX is the total number of remaining and incomplete pieces and YYY is the number of incomplete pieces. Note: files selected as "don't download" would be included in number.

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I'm looking for something similar.

In the General tab the availability of the pieces is shown.... various shades of blue for those available and red for those not available.... can this be extended to the File tab details? Maybe red for unavailable pieces of each file?

To clarify; if there are multiple files in a torrent, I would like to know which files are currently available. So as to flag those as currently unavailable as 'Don't Download' and thus prioritize the completion of the files available.

Yes? No?


EDIT: Or perhaps dividing the Availability bar graph on the General tad to show the range representing each file?

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I was also thinking of suggesting "red" for unavailable part on the file tab - but I have some issue with such a suggestion.

1. the resources necessary to maintain the "red" as peers pass the bitmap of available pieces of the torrent (and the disconnection of peers).

2. what good would it do to know which piece is missing? You could set it to don't download - but what if you are in middle of downloading the file and lose a peer that makes the file complete.

3. Too many colours make a display make special colours lose their priority meaning.

I would rather have a new column that is a Y/N field displayed on file fully available (Y) or only partial available (N). (Also, people who don't want the column don't need to see it - only in situations where you are running a torrent that doesn't have 100% availablity would you display this column.)

[slightly off topic on remaining pieces to unavailable pieces]

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