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Missing files from downloads


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Hi Everyone,

I dont know if you guys have faced this problem. I recently upgraded uT to 1.6.1 from 1.6. I had a few torrent that were being d/l by the old version. Since I have started to use the new one, there are files that are shown to be complete (100%) are not visible in the d/l folder (selected while adding the torrent manually). On double clicking the file, it uT says "The file may have not d/l completely". Doing a "Force-Recheck" has not helped either. Now I have multiple torrents which show that they have completed but there are files missing from them. The funny part is the file list in uT shows the files are present and the "General" tab shows all the details of the file, but the file in not present in the HD. I did a search to make sure that they have not been saved somewhere else, but with no luck. Also if there are more than 1 file that have the same name in the torrent but are supposed to be stored (saved) in different folders as per the structure in the torrent, it seems that the files with the same name are getting saved at one place!

Can anyone help me with my issue? I will be glad to provide any inputs to show me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks in advance.


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i have the same problem as him :(

example batch torrent with 4 files

1-> 20%

2 -> 30 %

3 -> 100%

4 -> 100%

i can't find file 3 and 4 on the computer as soon as they hit 100% download ( i did a search on my harddisk) .

if i force a recheck , file 3/4 will show 100% or sometimes 99% and will continue download , problem is i can't find the file anywhere


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