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Alternate upload rate when not downloading in scheduler


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Network Options -> Alternative upload rate when not downloading

I don't know about 1.1.8, but in the latest official this option is not available for scheduler.

But leaving this aside - I think there could be better solution.

As we know, the reason why we are using alternative upload limits when downloading or not is the overhead, created by the downloads and thus consuming our precious upstream (especially in asymetric connections) - what may lead to whole connection chocking.

BUT. The overhead varies greatly, and is - more or less - linear to the number of torrents we are downloading. For example when we are downloading only one torrent (and only seeding rest) the overhead is quite small. Contrary, when we are downloading four torrents together, the overhead is much bigger. Finally, when we are only seeding it is practically zero.

So how about option which would allow us to allocate defined by us overhead space per every torrent we are downloading?


let's assume we have 32kB/s (256kb/s) upstream.

We are setting global max upload rate to 30kB/s.

Now, we are setting overhead alocation for 2kB/s per every torrent we are downloading.

Then uTorrent will automatically adjust our global upload rate depending of the number of torrents we are downloading. Using above settings would it be 28kB/s for 1 torrent, 26kB/s for two torrents, etc... and 30kB/s for zero torrents (the number of torrents we are seedings doesn't matter). Note - in this particular case (only seeding) it would be working as the current alternate upload limit.

This option should also work with the scheduler without any problems - scheduler would only adjust begining max upload rate, overhead allocation rates would be left intact.

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