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slow download only when uploading


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i seem to be having problems uploading and downloading at the same time if i i am uploading then my downloads are real slow (about 30-40 kb/s) but if i turn my uploads of then i can usually get 300-400 kb/s i have netgear router port forwarded and tested port succesfully, windows firewall off, tried this with vista x64 x86 and xp.

i have green icon to show network ok, tried speedguide and tried my own settings ie dht,dht off, and other suggestions from similar posts, to get good speed i usually restrict upload to 13kb/s for a certain torrent this gives good speed when not uploading, my download is set at 0, upload set at 40 kb/s (my max is 50 kb/s) so wwith download restricted to 13 then this usually leaves upload at 20-25 so why can't i upload and download at the same time.

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With only 316 kilobits/sec of upload bandwidth, your connection is not capable of sustaining over about 35-37 KILOBYTES/sec file transfer speeds or torrent transfer speeds. So it comes as little surprise that torrent download speed suffers when you overload your upload bandwidth. Upload bandwidth is needed even for downloading because your connection has to regularly tell the uploader to you to send more of the file. If they don't get that message quickly enough, the download speeds fall...if they fail to get the message at all, the download speeds stop.

The highest setting you can use in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) is xx/384k -- and you'd need to reduce the upload speed it chooses slightly (to about 30 KB/sec) if you use it.

Or you can just use the next highest setting, xx/256k.

Trying to tweak those settings (other than to get an average between the 2) is likely to result in slower rather than faster download speeds.

(For what it's worth, I think Speed Guide allows too many connections...fewer might be a little faster.)

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