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alternating yellow and red light


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it was a yellow light when i first installed utorrent 3 days ago. then it went red yesterday. few minutes ago it turned yellow again. then now it's back to red. i've never had a green light. it didn't bother me actually till i got a 0.0 kb/s connection yesterday. i've already read lots of articles/posts about port forwarding etc., but i'm still confused. too technical for a torrent newbie like me. i've already done some tweaking (check this, uncheck that, etc.) to no avail. i'm giving up. this is my last attempt in resolving this. if it doesn't get resolved due to my not being computer savvy, it's fine. as long as my connection doesn't go down 10 kb/s, i can live with whatever colored light there is. i actually had a maximum connection few minutes ago of 31 kb/s with the red light on. that made me very happy since my speed is usually 10-20 kb/s only.

okay, some 411: i've already disabled my firewall. i believe i don't have a router??? i have wi-fi internet connection. i connect via LAN. been randomly selecting port #s, but i couldn't get one that is open.

please be patient with me. i'm telling you now i'm not really good with highly-technical computer stuffs. all those articles/posts i've read were too overwhelming for me.

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