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uTorrent on FritzBox


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i would like to request a feature for farer future, as a linux version of uTorrent is still in planning.

It would be really interesting if you could port uTorrent so it can run on a FritzBox DSL Router. As far as I know, AVM is running some Debian Linux on it. A USB stick or USB HD can be attached.

The pros would be:

- The router is silent

- It needs not as much power as a pc does

- Your PC does not need to run

- The router is (nearly) 24/7 powered on


- Decrease of the box speed

- I'm interested which other cons you will find....

I know this might be hard work, but sorry I'm no C-programmer.

so far


P.S.: As I'm from Germany, my English might be not always good :D

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what information do you have about fritzbox to help someone answer you? i had a quick google and found some german infos only. sorry cant read it :(

i cant help much but some considerations to running a torrent service/downloader on a router would be...

: without an attached storage device running also you would need substantial space for incoming files, routers normally dont have this space.

: what way will you use to monitor the activity of uTorrent. if you are a publisher you would probably want to have easy access.

: small _and_ low power PCs are becoming more plentiful, and cheaper. maybe one of these would be a better idea. low power old PCs are dirt cheap but big and ugly by comparison.

: similar to above - when a linux version is available, what about torrent on xBox?

maybe this doesnt help you very much at all! at least please add some info about fritzbox for those of us (eg: me) who dont know

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i'm using a fritzbox 7170 fon wlan.

as far as i know, there's some debian linux running on it.

Yes, a HD is attachable via USB(it's a must-have for torrent).

As I googled, I discovered cTorrent, but I didn't test it nor I know if this client is allowed for AL-Trackers......

This is anonther reason, because uTorrent is allowed on EVERY Tracker, and ,in general, Linux version should get a BIG fan/developer community.....

For monitoring and managing uTorrent, a web interface would be a good possibility, as an Webserver is already running on it.

As a reply for "uTorrent Guest": I am a programmer, I can partly read C(++) code, but writing some is too difficult for me as I can't write something better than Numberguessing....

In addition, I never really coded for a Linux OS. Hope someone other could write/port the app to native linux code....



ich benutze einefritzbox 7170 fon wlan.

soweit ich weiß läuft auf der box debian linux. Eine Festplatte ist per USB anschließbar.

Beim googlen hab ich cTorrent entdeckt aber ich habe es weder getestet, noch weiß ich ob es nicht auf manchen Anti-Leech-Trackern gebannt ist....

Dies ist ein zusätzlicher Grund, da uTorrent auf ALLEN Trackern erlaubt ist und, ganz allgemein gesagt, eine Linux Version eine große Fan/Entwicklercommunity geben dürfte.

Um uTorrent zu managen, könnte man ein Web-Interface nehmen, da eh schon ein Webserver drauf läuft.

Als Antwort an "uTorrent Guest": Ich bin ein Programmierer, kann aber C(++) nur partial lesen, auf keinen Fall jedoch etwas größeres als Zahlenraten schreiben.

Außerdem habe ich noch nie wirklich Anwendungen für Linux geschrieben.



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:) your fritzbox sounds cool. NAS style capability, ive played around with freeNAS and looked at getting a linksys NSLU ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/nslu/ ) but have stuck with a regular server.

well, the only advice i can give here is to maybe contact the creator of the uTorrent SLAX module (a linux liveCD distro)

email: soundbastlerlive at gmx dot at

module desc: http://www.slax.org/modules.php?category=network&id=1427&name=%B5Torrent

apart from that you could either wait until uT is available in a Linux build, obviously, or start with how to get Wine onto your Fritz.. good luck

the FRITZ!Box FonWLAN seems to be the full deal. good stuff.

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well, wine might not work because there is no X server.

I don't assume my fritzbox has a graphics card, because there's not need(have you aver seen a DSL router with a graphics card built in? :P)

don't know if wine needs X, but i think it does.

NAS style capability, ive played around with freeNAS and looked at getting a linksys NSLU ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/nslu/ ) but have stuck with a regular server.

hmm, can you explain to me what that means, in simple english???



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NAS = Network Attached Storge

i was saying the fritzbox router sounds good because you can add a large hard disk and would be able to access its files across your network/s.

(there are not really many home use NAS devices that have interested me so far, im sure there will be many more devices over time)

apart from running torrents on the router your fritzbox would be a nice place to store commonly accessed files - for when your home server or web host was down. this is all a very good idea

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yes, indeed :D

in the past firmware versions the hd could only be accessed by ftp, but in the actual experimental version, there's also an samba-server inside :D

this is one additional reason, because the downloaded files can be accessed really easily....

i think I'll try cTorrent in the easter holidays....I'll post how good/bad this works then....

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