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utorrent.exe is still there after uninstall


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utorrent.exeI recently noticed that utorrent.exe was in my processes in the SYSTEM catagory even when i wasnt using utorrent

i uninstalled utorrent and the utorrent.exe SYSTEM was still there in processes

I restarted my computer and everything

utorrent.exe is still there

i even ended the process and it came back within 4 seconds

Has this happened to anyone else?

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if you look in c:\windows\prefetch you should find a utorrent.exe file. set a system restore point and delete the file, it is still running in task manager. if you are running avg when you end process avg should say virus found, quantine job done (i was running a scan at time not sure if this is why it found it???)

I think i still have spyware running i cant get off

running avg free virus & spyware, spybotsd, pc tools spywaredr & free virus

using all this and taking 2 days to debug. hope this helps

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