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capping download effects Upload


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This is a new one on me.

uploads 50-65kB/s until I cap DL on a torrent then it drops below 30. Has done this forever seeding alone works just fine no problems so it is not hardware or ISP they would kill UL full time. I will uncap the torrent and it goes right back to full speed. so it is not a problem connecting to peers, it does it immediately... within 10sec back to full speed. I turned all of the torrents I am seeding off and keep playing with it but no change, the instant I cap DL speed UL dies. I am at a loss.

I'm all green

port checks OK

connection xx/768k 72kB/s / 100 connections per torrent / 5 UL slots / 450global / max active 4

WindowsXP Pro

NOD32 ... no difference with it off

Time Warner

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