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Followed instructions but still NAT Error


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I followed all the instructions at portforward.com

I have a static IP address on my 2 machines.

My router is a dlink EBR-2310 and is set to capture the dynamic ip from my dsl modem.

I have opened port 49547 in the firewall and application settings of the router. It is the same port chosen in utorrent.

Windows Firewall is not enabled.

I share the internet connection with another computer, so i have allowed utorrent to use port 49547 on the internet connection icon inthe network connection panel.

I have changed all of this back to normal, dynamic ip, bypassed the router and gone straight from my dsl modem to my machine.

I used avast free edition, and I have completely stopped it, and searched for where to allow ports and/or programs unfettered access to the internet.

Absolutely none of these steps have given me the green NoNAT problem icon in utorrent. I would really appreciate some help, it's driving me nuts.

I have a public ip -- 192.168.xxx.xxx on both machines and router.

The only anamoly I can see, and I can't come close to explaining it, is when I use the "check to see if port is forwarded properly" tool in utorrent -- it opens the web page, but it says:

Checking port 49547 on 74.12.xxx.xxx...

Error! Port 49547 does not appear to be open.

that's not my ip, it doesn't show up anywhere in ipconfig /all, but it's obviously the ip my router is getting, because it resolves to:

Bell Canada BELLNEXXIA-11 etc..etc....

which is my provider

I'm really confused/lost so any help or direction would be fantastic -- thanks in advance if you can help.

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The port checker checks your internet ip at the time the check is requested, not your router or computer's LAN ip. If everything is forwarded correctly, your computer should get the request and respond back...if not, then there's probably a step missing.

Does your modem also contain a mini-router and/or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled?

(Look up info on it using GOOGLE/yahoo/whatever to find its manufacturer's website info on that model.)

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What modem and router are you using? What about firewall?

my router is a dlink (dlink EBR-2310)

my modem is and Effecient Networks Speedstream 5200

-- I don't know much about the modem, I've never tried to configure it --- but the router has a port forwarding, and a firewall, both of which I have configured as correctly as I think I can. :-)

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Then there's probably something in the modem or something on your computer firewalling µTorrent.

Find out everything you can about that modem, since I know nothing about it...and good luck in that regard!

Typical stuff on a computer that might cause µTorrent to be firewalled is software firewalls, antivirus/antispyware, and viruses/trojans...or almost any program mentioned in µTorrent's FAQ as incompatible.

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