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uTorrent Running Uber Slow


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ISP: Verizon Online DSL

DSL Connect Rate (Down/Up): 3360 KBits/Sec by 480 KBits/Sec

uTorrent version: 1.6.1 Build 490

I'm using port 42994 and it is open (TCP) on my router.

I'm currently running 2 torrents both of which have over 1000 seeds, it's only connecting to like 2 peers and 0 seeds.

the uTorrent port checker reports that the port does not appear to be open. According to my router settings, it is open.

I have the yellow exclamation point symbol at the bottom of the uTorrent screen.

System specs:

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2


2.66 GHz P4 processor

My router is a Westell Versalink 327W

Both Windows Firewall and the router's firewall are disabled.

I am at a loss as to why uTorrent is running so slow.

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Have you looked up information about your modem to see if it too contains a mini-router and/or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled?

Have you forwarded µTorrent's incomming listening port from the router to your computer's LAN ip?

(Lots of people confuse their internet ip with their LAN ip, and/or confuse their router's LAN ip for their computer's LAN ip.)

Is your computer's LAN ip static or dynamic? (If it set to automatically assign an ip in Windows, it's dynamic.)

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Ok, What's the max bandwidth capabilities of your connection both up and down?

(We have to know what we're working with here!)

And what settings are you using in µTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window?

(All of those settings are important...a bad value for one can make your download speed pathetic.)

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I already answered your first question in my first post.

DSL Connect Rate (Down/Up): 3360 KBits/Sec by 480 KBits/Sec

3360 KBits/Sec down, 480 KBits/Sec up (it's supposed to be 864, but my router says 480 right now, so I'll go with that.)

because of the 480, I have Speed Guide set like this:

Connection Type: xx/384k

Upload Speed: 35 KB/s

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (per torrent): 80

Connections (global): 230

Max active torrents: 3

Max active downloads: 2

Current Port: 20777

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Is that your rated-by-the-ISP max bandwidth or measured (by websites) max bandwidth?

Ok, your settings look good...presumably you forwarded your modem-router correctly.

So this leaves other possible problem-causers, such as viruses/trojans, software firewalls, and antivirus/antispyware software...as well as programs mentioned as incompatible in µTorrent's FAQ.

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I don't know.

Is there anything (else?) using bandwidth while you're checking using the 2 different methods?

Even having µTorrent making connections or running DHT might explain the differences or give a clue as to what's locking/firewalling the port.

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