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OpenMedia.info site down? Looking for ipfilter.dat file


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I have seen many posts saying OpenMedia.info keeps an updated ipfilter.dat.

I have done several google search too and this site comes up constatnly... just I cannot reach the site, tried for several days.

I do not have it blocked in my firewall or hosts filter either.

Is it down?

Is there any other places to get updated ipfilter.dat files without installing other software?

I also tried the Updater posted (the bat file using wget) and it does not work.

Thank you for helping a new convert from Azureus!

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Funny story...

I just switched to uTorrent 1 week ago - after using Azureus for several years.

Downloaded about 5 things (I don't DL much) - a few being TV Shows

Got an email last night with a notification Copyright infringment on one of hte shows I DL'd.

... so if PeerSafe does not protect me from these notifications that is one HECK of a co-winki-dink. So now I'm positive PeerSafe has been protecting me.

The ONLY 3 times I did not use it I got notices.

We need PeerSafe in uTorrent.

I have installed PeerGuardian2 as of last night... hoping that works in place of PeerSafe... I really like uTorrent and only miss a few features of Azureus... like moving files after download depending on Category.

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PeerSafe won't help you any more than you getting one of the better ipfilter.dat files yourself.

And you'll probably need to research and update that file yourself to stay up to date. And even still you're probably not safe. You've merely been LUCKY.

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Lucky for 2 years but ONLY when PeerSafe is running... purely speaking, statistically that is not likely. Azureus with PeerSafe ran, at least 3-4 days a week for years without an email. ONLY when P.S. was off, twice, did I get emails... and within a few days.

I switched to uTorrent and the 2nd item I DL'd, on the first day of using uTorrent I got an email 2 days later about it.

Definitely not a concidence.

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Did you have any blocklist at all while running µTorrent?

If there was none at all and you ran popular torrents for a day or more, I can understand you getting a Cease-and-Desist letter.

Did you notice all the ips that PeerSafe blocked while you were running it?

My opinion stands that if you regularly update your ipfilter.dat for µTorrent you're probably no less safe than with PeerSafe. However neither one is nearly as good of protection as an anonymous proxy...not that there's any of those which are truly anonymous anymore!

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