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upnp doesn't work in utorrent (but does work otherwise)


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I was using azureus before with upnp for opening the port working correctly with my router.

Now I try utorrent, and upnp doesn't work. It only shows the message "unable to map upnp port".

This must be a problem specific to utorrent (probably an error in the upnp implementation).

Does anyone have upnp working?

I have a netgear router, upnp enabled obviously.

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UPnP implementations on routers are notoriously incomplete, often failing to meet even the limited guidelines set up by Microsoft's definition of UPnP. Azureus may simply gotten "lucky" with your router.

However, you will probably get better performance with manual port forwarding anyway...if you can do that.

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I guess bwakker is right. I've tried others BitTorrent clients with UPnP support (Azureus, KTorrent and Transmission) with my router and they gave me no problem at all. uTorrent doesn't work: the log says UT can't map the ports it uses.

Maybe uTorrent is just "unlucky" with this router... ;)

PS - I'm using the last stable version (1.6.1) and the last firmware from NetGear. Windows Vista also finds the router to be fully UPnP compliant.

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I can confirm the same problem exists with the latest 1.7 BETA.

Unable to map upnp port.

Work around is here:


But its a bit crappy and awkward (need Azureus). Still works every time though.

It is definetly utorrent's implementation of uPnP.

BTW Using Netgear DG834 v2 with vista home premium 64-bit. All was fine on XP.

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