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Utorrent Won't Pull Download Torrent Window Up


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Sorry if this has been covered before, i didn't see it.

Just recently even after a uninstall and re-install of UT......

I pull up a torreent page and click the download link/button and it will pull up the open/save/cancel window, but when i click open it won't pull up UT and start the download. I have to open UT and add URL..

how can i fix this?

i have been looking on the forum and FAQ's page for the last few hours today and previously and haven't seen it.

can anyone help me?


and while i'm at it, what is best connection setting for my 8/512?

nevermind this isn't the speed forum

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Troubleshooting often starts with verifying that you're using reasonable speed settings...as insane speed settings can mimic ALL kinds of other problem causes.

Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and xx/512k upload setting seems the best guess for your connection.

Go into Preferences (CTRL+P) in µTorrent and under General try the Windows Integration at the bottom. Click the box that says "Associate with .torrent files". You may want to check the box that says "Check association on startup" also.

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Actually Switeck is not my last, first, or middle name. But it is vaguely similar to my last name. :P

17 torrents at once is definitely too much for your connection. Are most of them actually queued (like they should be) instead of actively trying to fight over your limited bandwidth?

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