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Download speed drops to .1kbs


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I am fairly new to this ,so i was unsure what i should search for as a problem,but have seen this a number of times with my configuration of the UT program,the torrent stays uploading at 40-50 kb ,but stalls (slows) with download (0)(0) seeds, ,

it shows with this patrticular one 0 seeders and (43)409 peers

and it was fine untill it hit 98.9 % finnished ,anyone tell me what im doing wrong ?


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Is the torrent's availability (listed under the GENERAL tab/window) also less than 1.0 even when you're connected to more than 10 peers?

If so, that means there's NOBODY with the missing pieces of the torrent connected to you...and you won't finish that torrent unless a seed REJOINS and uploads for awhile on that torrent.

Just start a different torrent while that one idles away...if you want, reduce that torrent's upload low AND reduce its upload slots to 1.

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