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u torrent trouble connecting ???


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Hi all :)

I've been using u torrent now for a couple of months with no problems , but since my pc crashed and i had to reinstall u torrent i'm having a few problems .

When i open up ut nothing really happens . the uploading / downloading files stay RED and at the bottom of the u torrent screen it says DHT 1 NODE :(

The ut version i've reinstalled is 1 . 6 . 1 and my operating system is windows xp home service pack 2 ,

Any advice will be greatly appreciated ,

Mark :lol:

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Did you format and reinstall windows?

If not, was the crash the result of a virus/trojan?

DHT 1 node means the 1 node is probably just "you"...guess you might as well disable DHT till you can get the rest of µTorrent working.

Does any other file-sharing program work?

What about instant messaging?

(Helps to know if it's a problem only with µTorrent, or more likely to be a networking problem in general.)

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