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Intermitent port forwarding problem??


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Ive been using utorrent since v1.3 (i think, while ago anyway) with no problems at all.

Just recently though its started to report that the port is not forwarded properly.

I am using the most recent utorrent release 1.6.1 (build 490).

My router is a US Robotics 9110 and also have zonealarm pro as s/w firewall.

Usually what will happen is the icon goes green soon after starting utorrent but once its been on a while (time can vary) it will go red and say the port isnt forwarded.

I havnt changed any settings on the router or firewall and this problem seems to have come out of nowhere. Ive checked and double checked all the port forwarding settings. The problem still happens if i disable my s/w firewall.

The only way i can get the icon to go green again by turning off my router and then back on. which makes me think my router may have gone wrong somehow?

can anyone help with this?


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Zone Alarm can't be disabled, only uninstalled. Even when disabled, it still is active, stupidly enough.

But since rebooting your router seems to fix it, it could be that your router is screwing up. Try connecting directly to the modem to see if it still happens.

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A "slow" overload can cause a router to brick up...in short it slowly crashes without necessarily completely failing at least all at once.

Usually, it's something simple like upload speed set too high, or too many connections at once, or half open connection max set too high.

Some other stuff that might cause it are DHT, UPnP, and resolve IPs on "weak" routers and other lower quality networking hardware and software.

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Wow, a real glutton for punishment!

Yes, both of those have major problems with µTorrent.

Netgear routers have a problem in general with being unable to cope with lots of connections at once OR making a lot of new connections really quick (AKA: high half open connection rate.)

Vista I consider bug-ridden even if Microsoft doesn't simply because they haven't documented all its major behavior changes from Win XP. Coming from Microsoft, the only difference between undocumented behavior and a "regular" bug is hostile intent...they have a LOT of that towards anyone and anything they perceive as competition.

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