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utorrent internet :s router (trust 350BR) problem


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OK so this is the problem:

I am using the the trust 350Br router.

At first when I installed utorrent 1.6 I did not have any trouble, but after a few days or so I started to have problems with my internet. I believe I had utorrent downloading for a long time pretty heavily and when I wanted to acces internet sites they couldnt load and my browser said connection time out etc. Strangely even when I had turned my utorrent.exe off every now and again websites didnt want to load displaying the same problem..

Then a few days later for while things went ok (with utorrent off), but when turned on even with utorrent downlaod speed of 20 kB/s and upload of about 20 kB/s, websites had hard tiem to load and many times connection timeout occured. My connection can handle 500 kB/s down and 80 kB/s up.

The odd thing is that every now and again (even with utorrent off) I have this slow internet/connection time out problem. This ussually happens when I had utorrent on for a longer period of time downloading.

Recently what I decided to do is to connect my pc to the modem directly and voila! my utorrent could run and I could browse the internet at the same time with out any difficulties. Some data in case it might be useful: My router's firewall is off, upnp is on.

What should I do to be able to use my router and utorrent together with no problem?

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What I did is I reconnected back and turned off and back on again my router... and it works fine now :x . But I guess that the problem will come back again in the future... Juust like it did before.. it worked fine for a while and then it started to give these problems after I had my utorrent on for a long itme downloading heavily. Does anyone know what could be the problem and how to prevent this from happening?

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Your µTorrent settings are probably just too extreme for the router but not too extreme for everything else.

So...what's the RATED bandwidth/speed of your connection -- both UPLOAD and download?

What settings are you using in µTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Also, what advanced settings in µTorrent have you changed, if any?

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My rated speeds are 500 kB/s down and 80 kB/s up.

Settings as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G):

Connection type: (current settings)

Upload Limit:20 kB/s Upload slots: 50

Connections per Torrent: 300 Connections Global: 1000

Max Active Torrents: 100 Max active downloads:100

No advanced settings changed..

As I said everything is working fine after I reseted my router. My Utorrent has been on for almost 24h now downloading not very heavily. Maybe if I were to leave it downloading very heavily it will stilll work.

But the problem is that just like last time It will probably at one point maybe today maybe in a week show the same problem I stated before. And the funny thing is that that problem of connection timeout on the internet will then occur even long after utorrent.exe isnt running anymore.

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Ok! It showed me some trouble again just now. It has been working fine all the time and it is running approximately same speed all night. Around 50 kB/s down and 20 kB/s up. And my internet worked fine untill one point where I tried to acces another website and it tried to connect and eventually showd connection time out. I couldnt connect to any website for about half a minute. And since then my internet sites are connecting rather slower then before this first sympton i just mentioned. And every now and again a random website shows connection time out :( .

This is just the start and it will probably get worse from now on and the probelm wil probably occur even when utorrent is off. But it seems the heavier and longer the download on utorrent the bigger the problem during and afterwards. I think that if I will reset my router again now the problem will be resolved just like before... :|

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In the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) choose xx/640 (or even xx/512), and press Use Selected Settings. Your current settings are very very bad both for you and for others connected to you.

Also, does your IP change when you reset your router? It is likely that your router can't handle DHT packets (this would explain timeouts without µTorrent running). Disable DHT, restart µTorrent and then your router.

Good settings and disabled DHT should fix your problems.

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