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Question on setting up Dl location folders.. auto loading


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I see a thread a few messgaes down, i think regarding the same, but no answer. i had a standalone utorrent, and deleted the file, so i dl'ed the install file, set everything back up. connecting and downloading fine. the question i have is in preferences, in setting up the download locations, new downloads, completed, and "other" for "store and moved torrents etc"

believe i have these setup wrong, or pointing in the wrong directories.... My unfinished Dl's are reloading automatically fine, connecting, and Dl'ing.

it's my finished, or older torrent downloads are not reloading for seeding correctly.

Currently saving torrents to a main torent folder,

"New downloads" in a new download folder,

"Completed Downloads" in a ""Completed Download" folder

"Store Torrents" in a "Store torrents folder"

"move torrents for finished jobs" in a "finished folder"

"Automatically load torrents..." from "completed download folder"

all these are in one main torrent directory, with subfolders.

i know it has to do i think with the way i have this setup, older torrents are reloading with an error,, "cannot reload torrent...etc or something like that.

if someone can provide some help on what, & how these folders should be setup, and where i should be saving ther initial torrent file.

had this setup ok before, where everything was reloading, downloading and seeding fine. i've tried changing around the folders, in options but i think i'm making matters worse than better,, so i thought i'd ask here.


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Your probably getting issues from having both "completed downloads" and "automatically load torrents" using the same folder (was the double quote misplaced or are they different directories?). The "auto..." folder is for saving/moving torrent files into and then having uTorrent scan the folder and load it "automatically" and should be a different folder from the completed one.

As an example of a setup (this is my setup, and is not how all should be setup):

Put new downloads in: O:\files [This is a NAS drive]

Move completed downloads to: [empty as I do this manually when I check the download prior to final placement]

Store .torrent files in: C:\bt\peer [for torrents (not data) that are not completely downloaded]

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: C:\bt\seed [for torrents (not data) that are completely downloaded]

Automatically load torrents in directory: C:\bt\load [i can save or move .torrent files into this folder and uTorrent will add/start it automatically - Note: I also have "delete instead of rename" checked]

Depending on how you want it, your setup will vary.

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