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Uploads Fine, Downloads Horrendously


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The thread title is fairly self-explanatory, but I'll elaborate a bit:

My connection's 768/128, or somewhere around there, and I have my max upload speed at 15kbs and max download at 60kbs. While I was asleep last night--so far just under nine hours--I was able to upload 755 MB, yet I only downloaded 185 MB. I remember hitting my roof of 60kbs often when I first downloaded this, and I'm not sure what's changed since. Even a few weeks/months ago I was able to get a lot more downloaded than what I am now. I haven't seen my download speed exceed 10kbs in awhile now, which is discouraging.

I'm connected to the Internet wirelessly via a USB Linksys wireless adapter and an AirPort Extreme Base Station, which I've manually set port forwards for, for whatever port I'm using.

I decided to give BitComet a shot to see if it was my connection or something, and I'm at about 50kbs global download for 5 torrents: the exact same 5 torrents I was using with uTorrent. (Copy+paste.) The settings are the same from the best I can tell. (Even the same port.)

I still love uTorrent, but for now I'll have to use BitComet. I'd be glad to clarify on anything if it'd help solve the issue. :)

EDIT: Oh, and I find it nearly impossible to browse the Internet while running uTorrent, which is fine since I usually only run it while I'm asleep. This is the same even at the terribly low speeds I've had as of late. Yet typing this now as BitComet runs at nearly full capacity, I find my browsing experience only slightly slowed down.

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your problem sounds like a network issue .. check your utorrent taskbar to make sure you see "Network OK" if you dont then the port you have selected is not open correctly in your router and/or firewall.


Yeah, I get that. It's the first thing I check as soon as I start uTorrent up.

Maybe you have a firewall up?

Oh, right, I forgot to mention that. I use the Windows Firewall with OneCare.

If you max out your upload then your download will suffer. 128k is actually very very poor.

Set you max upload to around 7k and see if that increases your download.

I did as you asked and have got as high at 50k+ (though it's been 30k+ most of the time), which is a lot better, but it's not something I had to do before (lowering my upload speed, that is), and BitComet still manages much better speeds at 15k up.

I'll run it overnight and see what mileage I get.

EDIT: Wow, and my connection seems unphased for the most part. Awesome.

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