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hello guys, I'm just new here, cause I actually just encountered my first real problem with utorrent...I'm from the Philippines. Please forgive me if ever I'm just repeating some old issue - I've tried searching but I can't seem to endure reading 20 pages of topics which have 5 pages each (exaggeration intended).

I just experienced this a few days ago. when I start my download, everything goes on just like normal. I would get speeds up to 70 KB/s (subscribed for a 768 kbps line btw). but then, after some time, like an hour or so, the tracker would always be "offline" or hostname cannot be found. I restart our PC and download again, and, poof, same thing all over again. I've already tried varying the number of global connections from 250 (my original) to 100, patching TCPIPSYS, disabled UPnP, and other stuff I read from guides, but nothing seems to work. But if I just go surfing the net, I can go on for hours and stay uninterrupted.

We have no router at home, just a DSL modem (speedtouch 330, which I don't think is actually significant since in most lists, it is the 500 series and above that have problems). I'm actually beginning to think it's with our ISP. Well, I guess I would really just like to know what you guys think (is it really with our ISP? or something...) or if there is some other remedy I can try? I guess I'm just kind of desperate...lol

thanks a lot guys, and good day!

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my ISP is not in that list. :)

UL limit: 8 kB/s

connections per torrent: 80

max active torrents: 5

UL slots: 2

Connections(global): 100

max active DLs: 5

encryption is enabled, port 34192 is open and accepting connections.

my DL speed has reached 50+ kB/s, UL is about 5 kB/s. I'm just DLing one torrent, btw, if that should matter...what else...I have had Comodo Firewall for quite a long itme already, and we just recently had Kaspersky Anti-virus (could it be because of this? hmm..)

dang, before, on just one night, I could finish a download. now, I have to restart our PC every now and then to try to get it finished. frustrating...

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wow, at least one by one I get to read topics. Our OS is XP sp2.

I actually set my own upload limit - I just don't want to congest.

my upload speed, according to tests, actually reach 300 or so kbps (but actually now I can't even perform upload tests). but yeah, I'm just downloading 1 torrent, and uploading seems to be below 5 kB/s

yup, originally at 8, then i set it to 35, then now it's 4.

an ISP problem? we run have Globelines Broadband (not that it would actually sound familiar to you, but who knows?) It was a-ok a few days ago, now it sucks...

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thanks for the help, but now I think I know what most likely caused it.

Kaspersky Anti-virus.

I just uninstalled it (becuase the trial period was over lol) and had AntiVir, and so far, everything seems to be going well.

thanks again. till next time? hehe ^_^

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Especially when you get good download speeds...

Try to understand what people see in return from you.

Your previous settings were 8 KiloBYTES/sec total upload speed...split between potentially 5 torrents and then split again 2 ways (for the upload slots). So that means on average they'd see 0.8 KiloBYTES/sec assuming you're constantly uploading at 8 KiloBYTES/sec.

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