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Suddenly Slow Speeds


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K, I've used BT for about 4-5 years, uTorrent for the past two or so. Everything's worked great, until I suddenly started experiencing really slow download speeds (upload speeds still as good as ever) - about 10% of what they used to be. Now, I was hoping it was simply a download cap imposed by my ISP, so I upgraded my account both in speed (from 2MB to 6.5MB) and an unlimited cap. Unfortunately, I've had no luck with that, and my speed hasn't improved at all since the upgrade, and I'm at my wits end.

So far, I've:

- Followed the speed guide (reinstalled uTorrent from scratch...)

- Double checked that the port I'm using is open (PortForward.com says it is, router says it is)

- Set up a static-IP.

- Set my upload limit to about 80%... A bit less, as that seems to get the best speed atm.

- Tried using the 'selected settings' from the Speed Guide (reduced speed)

- Installed the TCP port patch (50 ports open) and changed the setting in uTorrent to 50.

- Tested a slackware and openoffice torent, still slow speeds

Current settings (terrible speeds) :

- Upload limit: 15kb/s

- Upload slots: 3

- Connections (/torrent): 70

- Connections (global): 130

- Max. Active Torrents: 2

- Max. Active Downloads: 1

Other info:

OS: Windows XP Home Service Pack 2

ISP: BT Total Broadband (ADSL rated at 6.5MB)

Router: Netgear DG834PN (connected via Ethernet)

Speed test: (http://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest.html) Download: 5.5Kbps; Upload: 0.4Kbps

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BT throttle bittorrent traffic during peak times. I cant get over 40 KB/s during these times and normally sit at ~25 KB/s.

Do BT do an uncapped plan now? I will have to check it out, I've got a 40GB/month dowload cap ATM, This makes me a sad panda :.(

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Yeah it's £26.99 /month...

But my speeds don't change during offpeak (ie. 00:00 - 07:00 AM)... still damn slow! So frustrating, seeing as my speeds used to be at least 100kbps normally and if it was a decent seed around 225kpbs.

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Re-installing uTorrent. I may add that this all began after a reformat... Although it also coincided with me upgrading to 1.6.1.

I got a little fed up with the whole thing - thought it may be a problem with the set up; so I installed the (admittedly horrible) Azureus, just to check I had forwarded the ports correctly etc.

Now downloading a torrent at 660 kBps, fastest ever :D, with Azureus. If anyone could tell me why that would be so I can return to my much preffered uTorrent, I would be really grateful.

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You should not set µTorrent's half open max more than 80% of Window's max half open limit.

Also, beyond about 10 half open max in µTorrent, almost all gains are illusionary and can actually be a LOSS due to trying to open/try/close so many NEW connections at once...it cuts into bandwidth available to maintain OLD connections that are still connected.

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Thanks, I'll try that now...

EDIT: By the way Firon, I read that thread and followed all its instructions before even considering posting - sorry I didnt make that clear.

EDIT2: Fixed! I just changed a couple more things:

- Disabled DHT Networks for all torrents

- Changed max half-open ports to 8.

- Changed upload limit to 20 kB/s (35 when no downloading)

Now getting: 430kB/s down; 18 kB/s up

Not feeling great about the ratio, but I can always seed :).

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