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my download are going very slow even on 90%


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Under queueing, you may want to reduce upload rate to well less than 887 KB/sec (which you likely don't have!) when a torrent reaches seeding goals.

Also, you have alternate upload rate while not downloading set to 755 KB/sec...though it's fortunately not enabled. Once again, you probably can't upload that fast...and it doesn't do any good to try to upload far faster (or really ANY faster) than your line can handle.

You probably need to remove the global download rate limit (currently set at 25 KB/sec)...set it back to 0 (unlimited) instead. This is the MAIN thing preventing good download speeds at the moment!

Almost all your other settings seem decent...though you might get slightly better results running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing the setting that closest matches your upload bandwidth max in kilobits/sec...or megabits/sec if it's over 1,000 kilobits/sec. Most people don't have over 1 megabit/sec upload bandwidth. (Most broadband users don't even have half that.)

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