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download speeds dont match


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I don't know if this has been questioned before and i apologize if it has.

the past few weeks my download speeds havent been adding up properly. for example if im donloading something at 3.5kps the readout in my taskbar reads downloads is at 7kps (which is my daytime bandwidth restriction) but at night when there is no restriction it seems to add up properly

any ideas on how to fix this problem would be helpfull


Edit: often during the day it takes all of the alocated bandwith and it goes on for hours at a time. most of the day often

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Do you have DHT enabled? Or resolve ips? Or UPnP? Or have a high half open max in µTorrent?

Any one of these can add to your download bandwidth usage which is reported by µTorrent in its download speed total.

Even having alot of connections at once can eat into your bandwidth for file transfers, especially when set so low.

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