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port not open/no incoming connection


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no incoming connectionsyes, i have had this problem with every torrent downloader i have used. i own an actiontec router w/ broadband internet connection. i am unable to get any incoming connections and my download speed is stuck at around 15kb/s. i don't understand, i have a 20mb connection! at the bottom of utorrent, there is a yellow sign saying unable to get any incoming connections. i have done everything from port forwarding to static ip, ect, everything on portforwarding.com. wtf, i am sick of getting this message!!! i do have a firewall, but i have allowed access to the internet for this program. also turned off upnp port mapping!


model number- mi-424-wr

please, some 1 help!!! i have tryed everything! even read all forums regarding this topic and nothing helped me!

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