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Dropped Wireless Connections wrt350n & Intel 3945, Vista


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wrt350n w DD-WRT v24 3-5-07

Intel 3945 internal wifi card

Vista Ultimate

I am having a problem with my wireless connection dropping after a couple hours, (changes from local and internet to local only) and it wont reconnect unless I reboot windows vista. I also can never achicve higher than 60% (# produced by sidebar gadget) and can never get better than "Good" as the wireless signal strength indicator in the taskbar, even though I am 10 feet away from the router.

I tried several different drivers for the intel card, and currently i am on the latest version available for vista. Neither have changed performance.

The same thing happened with the firmware from linksys v1.03.2 as well, so I prefer to use dd-wrt.

I tried disabling qos and ip6 in the wireless card adapter properties.

I also applied the command netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

I have also disabled teredo tunneling pseudo in Device Manager.

Same problems. I really think its a driver issue. I dont know. Can anyone shed light how I can fix this. I need my wireless to NOT drop connections. Its very annyoing.

Note: I constantly run utorrent 1.6.1, with only 4 half open connections set, and I binded the IP to my computer's IP. Ports are forwarded correctly, and speeds are decent. Does this link apply to this router I am using wrt350n?


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no i have no xp computer to test.. usually at night my wireless drops, but last night it didnt since i downgraded the dd-wrt firmware. However I cant seem to poing my machine now from work.. usually I can, so I dont know if its up still.. I wil have to wait and find out when I go home.

How can I tell what time my internet connection was lost? Is there a log somewhere? utorrent is running, so does utorrent say when the connection was lost? i am not usre if i have loggin enabled... but where can i check for this simple question?

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I have been reading and a lot of people who have this problem suggest that diabling the SPI firwewall in the router will solve the prob as its incompatable with Vista.

Is this true, did this solve anyone elses wireless drops problem? Regardless of the router, provided its an SPI Firewall thats in in.. Linksys Netgear Dlink all use it....

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